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             Hello! Sorry for google-translate 
I look forward to the release of the game Monlightlovers. And my letter concerns you to art, the author of which you are. I noticed negative reviews in the Russian fan community that I would like to show you

Community link: https://vk.com/moonlightlovers
Link to the Tumblr community: https://the-mlog.tumblr.com/

Screenshots of the mockery of art:

The creator of the post is the creator and administrator of the community (Савелий Кралин). Text from screenshot in Russian so you can translate it yourself. 
1 screenshot: "Горячо всех приветствую. Как вы знаете, я пилю оформы с каждым из фаворитов по мере их открытия. И так как артов да данный момент кот наплакал, то я, как вы могли заметить, использую арты художника histeriatime. И получилось так, что арт с Аароном не сильно-то мне и зашел, но делать нечего, придется использовать этот рендер. Так вот, Анастасия Сахарова попыталась исправить ситуацию, а именно закрыть ему рот (:D). Подкорректировав его еще немного, я решил показать вам оба варианта: оригинал и наш с Настей эдит. Какой вы бы хотели видеть в оформлении группы?"

Explanation: The community administrator uses the work of artists to design their group. He did not like your art with Aaron, so his mouth was redone. In the post, he asks the participants about which option they like more. In the other screenshots, he and the community members joke that the distorted face of Aaron looks much better than the original.

Questions that concern me: 
1) Did you give permission to use your work to design this fan community? 
2) Did you give permission to change art? 
3) How do you feel about such bullying of your art? 

I felt hurt for you. I love your work. Post from the community was removed after half a day, so I only have screenshots

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