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Гость 229 22nd Nov, 2019

                         Choose the correct variant.
1. My friends … in Latin America this month. - C
     a travel    b travelling    c are travelling
2. You look terrible. … you … some bad news? - A
     a Have … heard    b Do … hear    c Are … hearing
3. … she … in your office? - C
     a Does … working     b Who … working    c Does … work
4. Can I help? … your suitcase for you. - C
     a am carrying    b carry    c will carry
5. We … the train last night. - A
     a didn’t catch    b didn’t caught    c catched
6. The weather in Britain … warm in July. - B
     a are    b is    c be
7. What is the test like? - C
     a Easy.    b Easily.    c Easiest.
8. When the teacher … the students were making a noise. - B
     a was arriving    b arrived    c arrives
9. The car … through the red light. - A
     a went    b didn’t went    c go
10. There are … bottles of beer in the fridge. - A
     a a few    b a little    c any
11. … you … me the secret? - A
     a Will … tell    b Are … telling    c Do … tell
12. The Titanic sank in … Atlantic Ocean. - C
     a an    b a    c the
13. … an engineer. I enjoy it. - C
     a I like being    b I would like to be    c I want to be
14. … a drink. I’m very thirsty. - C
     a I like    b I wouldn’t like    c I would like
15. He … a shower before he goes to bed. - B
     a has got    b does    c has
16. Can I have … cake, please? - B
     a any    b some    c a few
17. What is your mother like? - C
     a Sailing and swimming.   b Impatient and unfriendly.    c Helping people.
18. We talked while we … dinner. - C
     a eating    b eat    c were eating
19. That’s the … joke in the world. - B
     a funnier    b funniest    c more funny
20. He … her tonight – he is too busy. - C
     a isn’t seeing    b doesn’t see    c not seeing
21. The bus … here. - B
     a is stopping     b stops     c stop
22. I’m glad that the sun … again today. - C
      a shine     b is shining     c shines
23. … you … to the party tonight? - B
       a do … come     b are … coming     c does … come
24. Today Frank … late. - C
       a is working     b work     c works
25. The boys … in the gym. - A
       a  still train     b are still training     c still trains
26. Two hours of training … good health. - B
       a provides     b provide     c providing
27. I … Biology and Math this semester. - A
       a take     b am taking     c takes
28. Ed … strong tea. - B
       a is never drinking     b never drinks     c never drink
29. He … a new book this year. - B
       a writes     b is writing     c write
30. What is that noise? Why … the dog …? - C
       a does … bark     b do … barks     c is … barking
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