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Гость 242 22nd Nov, 2019

                         Jobs automation. Rise of using of the AI.

The rise of populism. Possible crisis of democracy all over the world.

Global warming. Flooding of the most populated cities of the coasts (New York, Amsterdam, Saint Petersburg). Have we already reached the point of no return?

There are still enough nuclear weapon in order to destroy every huge city (population > 100.000 people) on the world.

The negative impact of the modern world on our biological bodies. Incompatibility of our bodies and speed of the technological progress. We are still the same humans as we were several thousands years ago biologically, though our society and life-style has changed completely

Inequality between different countries and communities as well as inside one particular country or community.

The possibility of changing human genome. Can we make a perfect soldier (with no fear and sympathy)? Is it humane? Can it be a luxurious service only for rich and powerful people? Can rich people make their children smarter, stronger, taller, more healthy, more beautiful (subjectively), immune to HIV, which might lead to extend the gap between poor and rich people. (Richer people's kids become more smarter brains physically, therefore get higher salaries and make their kids smarter and so on)

Overpopulation. When China, India, Africa will make a demographic transition? Is it enough resources for everyone?

Finding a balance between ecology and capitalism and consumerism.

When are we going to face the next huge financial crisis (as it was in 2008). In 2020? Are we living in constant crisis today?
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